I like people who laugh – a lot and from the heart. I like people when they talk about something that excites them and a spark lights up in their eyes. I like people who are creative, who recognize and appreciate art, and who love to invent new things. I like people who remain children by heart, who fool around and still know how to play.  I like people who sing along to the songs they hear on the radio, or start dancing randomly just because they feel like it. I like people with taste. I like people who have the habit of looking you straight in the eyes, and those who actually hear, not just listen. I like those who are honest, genuine and true. I like people who speak their mind, people who are level headed, and people who are good-hearted. I like happy, smart and funny people, who are confident and relaxed. I like people who are open and kind, people who know how to care. I like people whose lives are filled with love and who are brave enough to follow their dreams. I like people who live in the moment, who don’t give in to rules, limitations, or public opinion. I like people who do it their way. I like colorful people, those who shine and bright up the room. I like people with an appetite for life. I like people with energy. And I love people who are human, flawed and imperfect, people who are a bit silly, goofy and special – those are my favorite kind of people.

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