Fear of Floating

Her uneasy soul was light as a balloon,
destined to float away and try to reach the moon;
his was like an anchor beneath the bright blue sea,
as strong and steady as a deeply rooted tree.
When she feared she’d slip away in life’s uncertain mist,
she would, for safety, tie herself around his wrist.

But life has its ways of spinning the heads
and tangling together unfitting threads.
She never meant to hurt, mislead, to be unfair.
It would be an ugly lie to say she didn’t even care.
She hung on every praise, on every word he’d say,
but he wanted to be needed in another way.

When he found what he was looking – the one that wouldn’t run.
the tie of former friendship had to come undone.
She had no right to cry, no right to truly mind.
Now she had to trust the winds to treat her kind,
and fly into the clouds that she’s been yearning.
But what if now she’ll have no way of returning?


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