The Coat Hanger

Left hand, right hand …
you were taught to work.

Life is like a coat hanger.

Left hand, right hand …
pick up, put down,
bend and push,
left hand, right hand …
count to five,
reach for the sky,
look what a big girl you are.

And life’s a coat hanger.

Left hand …
write more pretty words,
don’t be a brat.
Right hand …
keep going, just keep going,
it will make us proud.

Left hand, right hand …
cut, chop, stir,
cut and cut,
and leave until it all boils over.
Left hand, right hand …
everybody leaves,
everybody heals.

Life’s still a coat hanger.

Right hand …
what have you forgotten?
Sign here, please.
Right hand …
stretch out, grab and hold on.
Have you turned off the stove?
Have you fallen in love?
Left hand …
what is forever?
What do you believe?
Left hand …
push the stroller down the street,
turn the wheel.

A coat hanger.

Left hand, right hand …
flip the pages,
Left hand …
you’ve done well,
sometimes slightly better.
Right hand …
but it’s not always enough.
We thought you were happy.

Left hand, right hand.
Life’s a coat hanger.
You are the coat.