Reality is small.
Limited by time and space,
by inches and by seconds.
It can fall
and break at any moment,
and with every step,
if we decide to move.
Reality is delicate.
An unknown truth, a hidden image,
even a simple word
will be enough
to make it seem absurd
and to tear it all apart.
Reality is stupid.
In understands only what it sees.
It is blind
for everything behind its back,
and deaf
for every quiet word.
Reality cannot adapt
or learn.
Everything that’s new
shakes its fragile foundations,
because reality refuses to believe
anything that comes from different worlds.
Reality is an illusion
that can be broken as easily as glass.
It is an inflexible and stiff
indefinable mass.
It is merely a reflection
of our own experience.
Reality are only things
that our senses are able to feel.
Things that exist right here, right now
are those that we consider real,
even if they die tomorrow.
There are infinite realities,
one for every person.
But reality accepts one truth,
and one truth only,
and considers all the others lies,
and shuts its eyes,
and goes on living lonely.
Reality is,
that reality is non-existing.
Can you manage that,
or are you still insisting?